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By not understanding the nature of the Party, Julia and Winston as a force against the Party are reduced in effectiveness without each other, and in different ways, the realization of their inadequacy gives them a further sense of the futility of their resistance. But while Winston is physically deteriorating, Julia is in her prime and is excessively healthy. Yet she is also the victim of Winston's mental aggressions. This aggression is evidence of how far the institution of love has been eradicated in 1984.

We see the ugliness of his world, and we also see the degradation of his existence. He drinks, his body is ravaged by neglect, and we realize that he is powerless to improve the conditions of his life. He is lonely, broke, and suicidal. He cannot afford a pair of pajamas, and it is likely that he will never be able to find any. With just a few words, Orwell makes us feel compelled to share Winston's pain and misery; we share his secret hope that things will get better. When Winston meets Julia and falls in love with her, things do get better, and for a few moments he is happy.

Nineteen eighty-four. --Nineteen eighty-four. D. A. University of Colorado Consulting Editor James L. D. Department of English University of Nebraska ISBN 0-8220-0899-8 � Copyright 1984 by Cliffs Notes, Inc. A. , and may not be used in whole or in part without written permission. Cliffs Notes, Inc. Lincoln, Nebraska Page 3 Contents Orwell's Life and Career 5 1984 and Anti-Utopian Fiction 7 Brief Synopsis 10 List of Characters 11 Chapter Commentaries Part One Chapters 12 12 Chapters 35 13 Chapters 68 14 Part Two Chapters 12 16 Chapters 34 17 Chapters 58 18 Chapters 910 19 Part Three Chapters 12 20 Chapters 35 21 Chapter 6 22 Appendix 22 Character Analyses Winston Smith 23 Julia 25 O'Brien 27 Big Brother/Emmanuel Goldstein 29 A Critical Question 31 Alienation in 1984 36 Love in 1984 39 Page 4 Plot, Style, and Structure 42 Humanity and Society in 1984 47 Key Quotations in 1984 50 1984 Game Page and Essay Topics 52 Selected Bibliography 53 Page 5 Orwell's Life and Career George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, was born in 1903, in Bengal, India, the son of a minor official in the Indian Civil Service.

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