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By Je Tsongkhapa, Thupten Jinpa Ph.D. Ph.D., Kilty Galvin

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Tsongkhapa's A Lamp to light up the 5 Stages (1419) is a entire presentation of the top yoga type of Buddhist tantra, specifically the main practices - the so-called 5 levels (pancakrama) - of the complex part of Guhyasamaja tantra. starting with an intensive exam of the Indian resources, Tsongkhapa attracts rather from the writings of Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Candrakirti, and Naropa to enhance a definitive realizing of the Vajrayana of entirety degree. while within the iteration level, meditators visualize the Buddha within the type of the deity living in a mandala palace, within the final touch degree mentioned within the current quantity, meditators go beyond traditional recognition and actualize the nation of a buddha themselves. between different issues, Tsongkhapa's paintings covers the sophisticated human body structure of channels and winds besides the method of loss of life, the bardo, and rebirth. This definitive assertion on Guhyasamaja tantra profoundly affected the process Buddhist perform in Tibet.

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Part 10 also deals with enlight­ enment from a tantric perspective. Acknowledgments First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Geshe Thupten Jinpa, president of the Institute of Tibetan Classics, for giving me the opportunity to translate this remarkable composition. In the time that I have spent work­ ing on this translation, my life has been enormously enriched by its wealth of wisdom and knowledge. I feel privileged that I was asked to translate this great work and can only hope that my efforts have done it credit.

In part 3 Tsongkhapa discusses the five stages in general terms, but he begins with an examination o f the corpus of literature on Guhyasamaja known as core instructions {man ngag, upadesa). This term is often applied to the oral teachings on sutra and tantra given by Indian and Tibetan masters that are then passed on, either orally or in writing, to become a lineage or transmission. In the tantric vehicle the purpose of these instructions is that they should open up the often inaccessible meanings of the tantras.

24 Therefore, from the purity of the aggregates come the male gods posited as method, and from the purity o f the elements come the goddesses posited as wisdom. By this process individual tantras are established as being method or wisdom tantras. Such a method and wisdom, when compared to the previous ultimate method and wisdom, is conventional truth. Moreover, they exist because of the faculties of duller disciples. On how tantras are asserted as being method or wisdom by way of gods and goddesses, the same work says: Conventionally, wherever the yoginls move and the principal deity does not, that is a yoginl tantra.

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