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By Wilde, Christopher P.

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Whether this is due to a subconscious native perception of the phonological system, or an adherence to spelling conventions which have emerged in recent literature is unclear. Chart 1 presents results of the formant analysis of the vowels [i], [ɪ] and [ɛ]. The vowels [ɪ] and [ɛ] were extracted from 59 verbs contrasting the past tense 3p form (-ले [-l-ɪ]) and the conditional participle (-ले [-l-ɛ]). Though variation of the vowel [ɛ] is considerable, it is substantially more open than the vowel [ɪ].

The informant and the researcher then checked the text. Generally two types of corrections were requested. Firstly, corrections of blatant mistakes, broken sentences or incorrect choice of words (eg. "). Secondly, the informant may have felt that changes in sentence structure or the ordering of sentences were necessary (eg. ", "This whole section should be re-ordered to make more sense", "I said that, but my facial expression was like this ... "). I made note of the original forms for later reference, but almost always made the changes requested by the informant.

However, though there is no basis for postulating phonemic nasalisation (cf. also Toulmin 2006:138-139), it is indeed used by many speakers. Whereas many informants are of the opinion that nasalised vowels are used and should be marked in the orthography, cross-informant examination reveals that there is little consensus as to where it exists. Whether this situation is due to a shift in the phonology is uncertain. It is also possible that nasalisation is deemed necessary since it is contrastive in the neighbouring and influential Indo-Aryan languages such as Maithili, Nepali and Hindi.

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A Sketch of the Phonology and Grammar of Rajbanshi by Wilde, Christopher P.

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