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1. of untrymnesse modes oööe lichoman 'of weakness of mind or body' 7 All eleven have the demonstrative immediately preceding the de. 13. "& ic eac laere öaet hira nan öara ne wilnie de hine unwaerlice bega" 'and I also advise that none of them desire them who might manage it rashly'. A. 20. on ealra dara gewitnesse 'in the cognizance of all of those' 1. Head and (Demonstrative + Noun). Fifty-five examples. The structure of modification either precedes or follows the head, but within it the demonstrative precedes the noun.

19. 23. on Urias slaege his agenes holdes degnes 'in the murder of Uriah, his own faithful servant' 1 A personal name heads all but five of the thirty structures of apposition. 3. 7. "of öaem treowe sethim" 'of the tree sethim'. 22. 4. 15. 19. "se ymbhwyrft disse worolde & eac monna lifes & hira gesuinces" 'the circuit of this world, and also of the life of men, and of their toil'. One 1 The only example of a non-contiguous appositive. , noting that some manuscripts read Urias for viri. 18. "öone fruman & öone ingong öaere Öreatunga & δ sere taelinge" 'the beginning and the commencement of the blame and the reproof.

23. nane w u h t . . 2. 13. nane w u h t . . 7. onwald . . dxs beswincenan modes 'power over the deceived mind' The modifier in the first three of those four is a partitive genitive. 2. "öara goda sum"). 16. 18. 13. sanctus Paulus lare sume 'some of St. 11. dxre leohtmodnesse undeawes nanwuht 'nothing of the vice of levity' Thus in just five examples does a noun that is a partitive genitive precede its head. 8. Summary In phrases with adjectival modifiers the modifier(s) usually precedes the head ("da halgan gewritu").

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