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Post-anarchists have hitherto trusted post-structuralist opinions of ontological essentialism so as to situate their discourse when it comes to the conventional anarchist discourse. Post-anarchism calls for the elaboration of one other very important line of critique opposed to epistemological foundationalism – to complete this job, this ebook takes post-anarchism to its restrict via a examining of the philosophy of Georges Bataille. Georges Bataille's philosophy makes it possible for new methods of conceiving anarchist ethics that aren't predicated upon essentialist different types, foundationalist truth-claims, or the corporation of the topic within the political context. After Post-Anarchism, we problem the hegemony that epistemology has loved for numerous centuries of political and philosophical suggestion.

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Power, as we have seen, does not reside in the state, or in the bourgeoisie, or in law: its very place is that of a ‘non-place’ because it is shifting and variable, always being re-inscribed and reinterpreted” (italics in original; Newman, [2001] 2007: 81). That this non-place can only be articulated from within the confines of conceptions of place, or in relation to the foundation of place itself, therefore poses a unique challenge for ethical philosophers: is the paradox of non-place significant enough as to lead one to reject its answer to the question of place?

My belief is that post-anarchism, as a discursive strategy that has gone to great lengths to rethink traditional anarchism from outside of its narrow confines in political economy (or any restrictive philosophy) and canonical thinkers (ie, Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin), has provided a moment in 31 which to reflect on anarchism’s unique place in an assemblage of competing political language games. Post-anarchism is the realization of traditional anarchist meta-ethics, it is anarchist meta-ethics, but it is an incomplete project insofar as it has focused only on the epistemological dimension of meta-ethics.

It shall be my purpose to elaborate the status of these ethics in a sufficient way so as to build a foundation and system capable of describing the meta-ethics of anarchism as the preoccupation of contemporary meta-ethical discourse. ’ Post-anarchism, as a contemporary meta-ethical discourse, elucidates the ethical discourse that hides at the core of traditional anarchist philosophy. The Problem of Place and Ontological Essentialism There have been two prominent areas of study within meta-ethical philosophy, the description of the relationship between each will prove important in de39 scribing the negative foundation and system of postanarchist meta-ethics.

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