Mary Higgins Clark's All Through the Night (Holiday Classics) PDF

By Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark, the Queen of Suspense, celebrates the season with this Christmas vintage that includes of her such a lot loved characters.

ALL during the NIGHT

All of Alvirah's deductive powers and Willy's world-class logic are referred to as upon because the stumble right into a Christmas secret. a lady abandons her baby at a ny church. at the same time, a thief is absconding with a valuable artifact, a chalice decorated with a star-shaped diamond. To elude police, he grabs the stroller and disappears. Seven years later, the mum returns to the scene and unearths Alvirah and Willy supporting local youngsters arrange for a Christmas festival at an after-school defend. quickly the savvy sleuths got down to remedy the puzzle of the lacking baby and chalice -- and to unmask rip-off artists threatening to close down the look after.

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She knelt for a moment and took one last look at her child. "Good-bye," she whispered. Then she stood and quickly ran down the steps and headed towardColumbus Avenue . She would make the call to the rectory from a street phone two blocks away. Lenny prided himself on being in and out of a church in less than three minutes. You never know about silent alarms, he thought, as he opened his backpack and pulled out a flashlight. Keeping the narrow beam pointed toward the floor, he quickly began to make his usual rounds.

She asked herself now. I couldn't have kept the baby. There was no money to pay for help. I had years of schooling ahead of me. And if I had told him what had happened, it would have broken his heart. As the cab made its way through the slow traffic, Sondra thought back to that wrenching time. She thought about how she had saved money to come toNew York , she remembered checking into a cheap hotel on November 30th, buying the baby clothes and diapers, the bottles and formula and stroller. She had located the hospital closest to the hotel and had planned to go to the emergency room when she went into labor.

Truthfully, though, Alvirah had made good use of her newfound wealth, giving quite a lot to charity while managing to enjoy herself immensely. Plus she'd had some memorable experiences. She had gone to Cypress Point Spa inPebbleBeach and almost got murdered there because of her nose for news. The experience paid off when she became a contributing columnist for the New York Globe, and, as one thing always leads to another, with the aid of the recording device in her sunburst lapel pin, she had solved a number of crimes, gradually earning herself a reputation as a real sleuth, though still an amateur, to be sure.

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