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By Jiri Matousek, Bernd Gärtner

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Semidefinite courses represent one of many biggest periods of optimization difficulties that may be solved with moderate potency - either in concept and perform. They play a key function in various examine components, equivalent to combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, computational complexity, graph thought, geometry, genuine algebraic geometry and quantum computing. This booklet is an creation to chose elements of semidefinite programming and its use in approximation algorithms. It covers the fundamentals but in addition an important volume of contemporary and extra complicated material.   there are numerous computational difficulties, comparable to MAXCUT, for which one can't quite count on to acquire a precise answer successfully, and in such case, one has to accept approximate ideas. For MAXCUT and its relations, fascinating contemporary effects recommend that semidefinite programming is definitely one of the final software. certainly, assuming the original video games Conjecture, a believable yet as but unproven speculation, it was once proven that for those difficulties, identified algorithms in keeping with semidefinite programming carry the absolute best approximation ratios between all polynomial-time algorithms.   This ebook follows the “semidefinite side” of those advancements, providing a number of the major rules at the back of approximation algorithms in response to semidefinite programming. It develops the elemental idea of semidefinite programming, offers one of many recognized effective algorithms intimately, and describes the rules of a few others. it is usually purposes, targeting approximation algorithms.

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7 The Sandwich Theorem and Perfect Graphs 41 u1 u1 120◦ u4 u2 u2 u3 u3 Fig. 4 Unit vectors with pairwise scalar products −1/(k − 1) for k = 3, 4 Given a k-coloring c of G, a vector k-coloring of G can then be obtained by setting γ(v) := uc(v) , v ∈ V . The k vectors form the vertices of a regular simplex centered at the origin; see Fig. 4 for the cases k = 3, 4. In general, we define k ei − k1 =1 e ui = , i = 1, . . , k. k 1 ei − k =1 e Perfect graphs. We know that the clique number ω(G) is NP-hard to compute for general graphs.

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Let us look at other examples of closed convex cones. It is obvious that the nonnegative orthant Rn+ = {x ∈ Rn : x ≥ 0} is a closed convex cone; even more trivial examples of closed convex cones in Rn are K = {0} and K = Rn . We can also get new cones as direct sums of cones (the proof of the following fact is left to the reader). 3 Fact. Let K ⊆ V , L ⊆ W be closed convex cones. Then K ⊕ L := {(x, y) ∈ V ⊕ W : x ∈ K, y ∈ L} is again a closed convex cone, the direct sum of K and L. Let us recall that V ⊕ W , the direct sum of V and W is the set V × W , turned into a vector space with scalar product via (x, y) + (x , y ) := (x + x , y + y ), λ(x, y) := (λx, λy), (x, y), (x , y ) := x, x + y, y .

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