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As for sentence types, I took into consideration only active sentences displaying standard word order. This is relevant, for depending on eg. voice (active vs. passive) a language may use different types of term negation. . The overall distribution of the five types of term negation in the sample is given in Table . The Number column gives the number of times a type occurs and the Percent column the percentage of the total for the figure in the Number column. Notice that the figures in the Number column add up to , while the sample contains only  languages.

The sample contains  languages, but on two (Ket en Mong Njua) I have no data about negative imperatives, so the percentages pertain to a total of  languages. . Another piece of evidence that may be cited in this connection comes from Dawawa, in which the honorific system is based on negation. In Dawawa, all utterances addressed to social superiors are negatives. ’ But the same utterance to a social peer will be understood as ‘John is not a fool’ (M. Knauber, personal communication). . A few years ago, the Cookie Monster in the Dutch version of Sesame Street illustrated the use of the quantifiers all, some and no very lucidly.

Examples of satellites expressing these notions are in my opinion and to tell you the truth. Level  On the highest level, the clause, we find illocutionary operators and satellites. Operators on this level are illocutionary operators such as declarative, imperative, and interrogative. Satellites on this level are for example briefly.  Terms Terms are expressions that can be used to refer to an entity in some world. Their general structure can be described as follows: () ( xi: (xi ):   (xi ): ...

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