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Asymmetry in Grammar: Syntax and Semantics brings to fore the centrality of asymmetry in DP, vice chairman and CP. A finer grained articulation of the DP is proposed, and additional useful projections for restrictive kin, in addition to a elegant analyses of case id and presumptive pronouns. The papers on vice chairman speak about additional asymmetries between arguments, and among arguments and adjuncts. Double-object buildings, specificational copula sentences, secondary predicates, and the scope homes of adjuncts are mentioned during this point of view. The papers on CP suggest yet another articulation of the phrasal projection, justifications for Remnant IP flow, and an research of version in clause constitution asymmetries. The papers in semantics aid the speculation that interpretation is a functionality of configurational asymmetry. The type/token details distinction is extra argued to correspond to the partition among the higher and reduce point of the word. it's also proposed that time of View Roles are usually not primitives of the pragmatic part, yet are head-dependent different types. Configurationality is extra argued to be required to differentiate contrastive from non-contrastive subject. Compositionality is proposed to provide an explanation for cross-linguistic adaptations within the selectional habit of typologically assorted languages.

The papers in syntax comprise contributions from Antonia Androutsopoulou and Manuel Español-Echevarría, Dana Isac, Edit Jakab, Cedric Boeckx, Julie Anne Legate, Maria Cristina Cuervo, Jacqueline Guéron, Niina Zhang, Thomas Ernst, Manuela Ambar, Jean-Yves Pollock, Anna Maria Di Sciullo, Ilena Paul and Stanca Somesfalean.The papers on semantics contain contributions of Greg Carlson,Peggy Speas and Carol Tenny, Chungmin Lee, and James Pustejovsky.

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D. dissertation, UCLA. Restrictive relative clauses vs. restrictive Adjectives An asymmetry within the class of modifiers* Daniela Isac Université du Québec à Montréal .  Restrictive relative clauses and intersective Adjectives We propose an analysis of restrictive relative clauses that capitalizes on the observation that the semantic relation between a restrictive relative clause (RRC) and its ‘head’ Noun is similar to the relation between an intersective or extensional Adjective and a Noun.

Ellipsis and reconstruction in relative clauses. In Proceedings of NELS, 30. Amherst: GLSA. -M. (1999). The local asymmetry connection. MITWPL, 35, 25–47. -M. (2000). The asymmetry of morphology. In P. Boucher & M. ), Morphology. Somerville: Cascadilla Press. , & Williams, E. (1987). On the Definition of Word. Linguistic Inquiry Monograph 14. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Giusti, G. (1992). La sintassi dei sintagmi nominali quantificati. Doctoral dissertation, University of Venice. Grimshaw, J. (1990).

Chomsky (1998) discusses cases in which a probe and a goal (a head and a specifier, respectively, in standard terminology) entering into an agreement relation do not have the   Antonia Androutsopoulou and Manuel Español Echevarría same number of features and makes use of this fact to allow for a feature not to erase and thus, enter in multiple checking relations. See also Di Sciullo (1999). e. that for any a, b Ragree (a, b) → ∼Ragree (b, a). . Androutsopoulou (1994) had independently proposed that the noun is preposed via phrasal movement in Greek definite DPs involving postnominal adjectives.

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