At the End of the Road by Grant Jerkins PDF

By Grant Jerkins

ISBN-10: 1101545623

ISBN-13: 9781101545621

From the seriously acclaimed writer of A extremely simple Crime, a chilling tale of a tender boy coming to grips with actual evil.

A crimson airborne dirt and dust street on a sweltering day. A vehicle loses keep an eye on, flips during the air. a girl crawls out, bloody and battered, staggers towards the boy at the motorcycle, the only she swerved to prevent. yet he runs away...

Kyle is ten in the summertime of 1976, and his global is all approximately secrets-secrets hidden within the maze of cornfields, in caves, within the embers of scorched earth, at the back of creaking doorways and down basement stairs...and within the darkest of hearts.

But there is a policewoman on the entrance door. The Paralyzed guy watches him from a neighboring porch. And regardless of which approach Kyle turns, no position turns out secure anymore...

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The boy made it back up to his knees, and—everyone also agreed—if he’d just simply rolled to one side or the other, he’d have been okay, it would have bought him time to evade the bull, to at least get back to the relative safety of the oak tree. But that’s not what Darl did. He tried to stand and the pain from his ankle caused him to immediately sink back down to his knees. Two thousand pounds of Buddy the Bull caught him square in the back. The horns didn’t gore him, they didn’t pierce his skin, but the force of the blow broke his spinal column.

The teens waited a solid thirty minutes before entering the pasture and retrieving their fallen friend. They lifted his broken body over the fence, and laid him in the vinyl backseat of Patrick’s Chevy Malibu. Three times on the way to the hospital, they had to pull over and reposition Darl because the boy’s limp, yielding body slid off the seat at every turn. After the fourth time, they just left his crumpled form on the floorboard, and by the time they got to the hospital, they’d agreed upon a story that centered around the three of them trying to talk Darl out of his foolhardy intention of testing the bull, but Darl just wouldn’t listen to reason, and they suspected he might have been drinking beer before they met up with him.

She shook off the juice and placed a round wedge on each piece of bread. Kyle nodded and sat down across from his sister at the picnic table. ” His mother nodded, told Grace to stop sucking her thumb before it fell off, and reached to one of the high cabinets and brought down a can of Charles Chips. They were potato chips that were delivered twice a month. They came in a tin the size of a hatbox, and the Charles Chips deliveryman would always stop and talk to Kyle in a way that made Kyle feel good.

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