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3. The day of removing faults by making confession to a monk. 4, An offering to quench the thirst of pretas. 5. Serpent-gods who live under the ground. 53 and dust vanished immediately. Also I dreamt that groups of stars gathered in lines as though it were midnight and bowed to sun and moon. Perhaps that moon might be myself but I kne~ not who was that sun coming from the west. " Then Atisha stood in the centre. of his retinue, surrounded by five hundred horsemen, wearing a beautiful cap bright as the sun.

Gaiing upon his three possessions (servants, horses and weapons), he perceived them all to be worthless. Then did he utter the following stanza: "All things are in a state of absolute stillness like the ~ky. All things are empty ·as an echo ailioilg ·hollow rocks. A kingdom is worthless as riches in a drea:m. Attendants are deceivers like covens of magicians. If I do not seek deliver~nce by renouncing all. these, I am not blessed, despite my accumulated merits. " These danced around the Prince; giving him this admonition: "Hasten to Bengal and convert the mind of the King.

But still the leviathan blocked the way forward and, owing to the violence of the waves raised by that strong tempest, the ship trembled and leapt up like a banner whipped by the wind. Sometimes it leapt towards the sky and sometimes sank into the ocean as if thrown, so that the four great sails were blown away, even though four massive lumps of bronze had been cast down to the sea-bed as anchors. noise; lightning and thunder terrified my trembling attendants. Again, while I was contemplating loving kindness and compassion, the pandita Bhumisara prayed thus to me, his guru: "Rise up, rise up 0 merciful guru.

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