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How is it defined? How does it improve, and how does it worsen? How does it grow, wane and so on? The few lines discussed are thus connected with a lot of other different topics, and the khenpo can shed light on the subject from all sorts of different angles. In the afternoon the students debate on the topic they heard that morning. It’s actually quite a good method, because it really clarifies what the intent of the Dharma is. Anything one is unclear about can be clarified. For each matter in which a doubt arises, there’s another thought that can reply to that.

To reiterate, the path stage is one of confusion. We are on the path right now and this confusion needs to be clarified. The method used to clarify confusion on the path is threefold: view, meditation and conduct. This is where recognizing rigpa comes in. This rigpa which needs to be realized is actually an aspect of the ground, an aspect of our dharmakaya nature. But rigpa can also be considered something to be recognized during the path. In this regard, path and ground are identical in essence.

There’s openness, and there’s immediately a knowing of that openness. That which is aware that mind is wide open is the cognizant quality. When you simply let yourself be like that, understanding automatically unfolds. A lot of understanding. This insight does not arise through thought. It’s not conceptual. How do we discriminate between what is thought and what is not? Thought, in Tibetan called namtok, is always dualistic, involving a subject and an object. A thought is by definition about something and holds onto that something.

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