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By Gareth; Kawaguchi, Yoriko Evans

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Their basic blast power is phenomenal, whether the yield of any given weapon (the amount of energy discharged in a nuclear detonation) is measured in kilotons (abbreviated as kt, corresponding to thousands of tons of conventional TNT explosive) or megatons (Mt, or millions of tons of TNT). While direct blast effects cause most casualties, thermal radiation effects go well beyond the demolition radius of the shock wave, and direct radiation can cause death and acute illness for many months – and terrible deformities in exposed unborn babies.

22 During the 1990s all ground force tactical nuclear warheads – and a large proportion of air force, navy and air defence TNW – were redeployed to central storage depots deep inside Russian territory. At such depots they, and many strategic warheads (removed from dismantled ICBMs and SLBMs), are serviced as spare munitions for replacement of deployed warheads. Otherwise they await dismantlement or utilization, including blending for fuel for atomic power plants, or for fissile materials recycling for newly manufactured warheads.

Opposition and eventual withdrawal from the 1972 ABM Treaty. However, in future, the 1997 agreement may be used to prevent theatre BMD systems’ development from hindering START follow-on negotiations. 34 But, just as noted above in the context of defining “strategic” nuclear weapons, what is strategic and what is theatre will depend more on one’s geography than anything inherent in the ranges or payloads of the weapons or delivery systems themselves. For nuclear-armed states within reach of each other’s nuclear forces, there will always be an argument as to whether any BMD development and deployment is stabilizing, or rather encouraging the build-up or modernization or both of offensive nuclear arms and hindering negotiations on mutual nuclear disarmament.

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