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By Sarker, Latif & Gray

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By placing a membrane filter on the agar plate and inoculating its surface with the soil suspension, the filamentous hyphae of actinomycetes will penetrate through the filter. Once the filter is removed and the plate incubated, actinomycetes will grow on the agar almost exclusively. A useful method to enrich the population of various actinomycetes (other than Streptomyces) is to air-dry and then heat the soil sample at 100–120 C for 1 h. For the selective isolation of Gram-positive Bacillus strains, soil samples are heated at 70 C or suspended for 1 h in 50% ethanol.

Samuelsson, G. (1999) Drugs of Natural Origin: A Textbook of Pharmacognosy. 4th revised ed. Swedish Pharmaceutical Press, Stockholm, Sweden. 2. Cannell, R. J. P. (1998) How to approach the isolation of a natural product, in Natural Products Isolation. 1st ed. (Cannell, R. J. ), Humana Press, New Jersey, pp. 1–51. 3. Cragg, G. , Newmann, D. , and Snader, K. M. (1997) Natural products in drug discovery and development. J. Nat. Prod. 60, 52–60. 24 Sarker et al. 4. Cragg, G. M. and Newman, D. J. (2001) Natural product drug discovery in the next millennium.

Relative affinity for either phase) by successive partitioning between water and immiscible organic solvents of varying polarity (see Chap. 10) (8,9). Specific protocols during which the pH of the extracting aqueous phase is altered to solubilize selectively groups of metabolites (such as acids or bases) can also be used. For instance, these are applied to the extraction of alkaloids (which occur mostly as water-soluble salts in plants). On treating the plant material with an alkaline solution, the alkaloids are released as free bases that are recovered following partition into a water-immiscible organic solvent (10).

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