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By Igor J. Karassik, Joseph P. Messina, Paul Cooper, Charles C. Heald

ISBN-10: 0070340323

ISBN-13: 9780070340329

A big revision of McGraw-Hill's vintage guide that offers useful information and information at the layout, program, specification, buy, operation, troublshooting, and upkeep of pumps of each kind. it's a necessary operating device for engineers in a large choice of industries all those people who are pump experts, as well as those that have to acquaint themselves with pump know-how. Contributed to by means of over seventy five unique pros and experts in every region of functional pump expertise.

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S} ϭ set of flow properties associated with solids in the pumpage T ϭ axial thrust, lbf (N). T or T or M ϭ torque, lbf-ft (N-m). T ϭ temperature, °F or °R (°C or °K). ⌬Tc ϭ temperature rise due to compression, °F (°C). t ϭ time, sec (s). t ϭ blade or vane thickness, ft (m). u ϭ internal energy in Btu/lbm multiplied by goJ, ft2/sec2; (or in kcal/kg times J, m2/s2). U ϭ tangential speed ⍀r of the point on the impeller at radius r, ft/sec (m/s). ” V ϭ volume, ft3 (m3). V or c ϭ absolute velocity of fluid, ft/sec (m/s).

S ϭ Thoma’s cavitation parameter ϭ hsv/H. T or T or M ϭ torque, lbf-ft (N-m). f ϭ flow coefficient. fe ϭ Ve/Ue ϭ impeller inlet or eye flow coefficient. fi (or fi, 2) ϭ impeller exit flow coefficient ϭ Vm, 2/U2 (Figure 12). c ϭ head coefficient (Figure 12); stream function (Figure 14). ci ϭ ideal head coefficient [ϭ ci, 2 ϭ Vu, 2/U2 for zero inlet swirl (Vu, 1 ϭ 0)]. ci, 2 ϭ Vu, 2/U2 [ϭ ci for zero inlet swirl (Vu, 1 ϭ 0)]. ⍀ ϭ angular speed of the impeller in radians per second (1/s) ϭ Np/30. ⍀s ϭ universal specific speed (unitless) (Eq.

14 would produce a pump power consumption curve that passes through the origin of Figure 6a. Such a result (assuming negligible external drag power PD), is known not to occur in a real pump. Rather, superimposed on the jet flow pattern just described is recirculating fluid that leaves the impeller, gives up its angular momentum to its surroundings, and re-enters the impeller to be re-energized. In other words, the one-dimensional simplifications mentioned after Eq. 12 do not hold at low Q; rather, there is an added “recirculation power,” which is the UVu-change experienced by the recirculating fluid integrated over each element of re-entering mass flow rate4.

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