The Tommyknockers (Signet) - download pdf or read online

By Stephen King

ISBN-10: 0451156609

ISBN-13: 9780451156600

Do not open the door... Bobbi Anderson and the opposite strong fogeys of Haven, Maine, have bought their souls to harvest the rewards of the main lethal evil this aspect of hell.

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She couldn't be completely sure, but the more she thought about it the more it seemed that it might have been - not for sure but might have been - right after Dr Etheridge finished examining Peter's cataract and put down the ophthalmoscope. Attend, Watson, the voice of Sherlock Holmes suddenly spoke up in the quick, almost urgent speech rhythms of Basil Rathbone. The eye glows. No ... not the eye; the cataract glows. But Anderson does not observe it, although she should. Etheridge does not observe it, and he definitely should.

Or he could call Bobbi Anderson and ask if she'd like to come over to go out for a couple of cold ones and it was fine. No sweat. Then there would come a morning like this when he would wake up wanting all the booze in the world. This seemed to be an actual thirst, a physical thing - it made him think of those cartoons Virgil Partch used to do in the Saturday Evening Post, the ones where some funky old prospector is always crawling across the desert, his tongue hanging out, looking for a waterhole.

There were lots of Dallas police. So many, in fact, that the TV announcer was telling the country that someone had shot Oswald before all those police - all those people in authority - seemed to have the slightest inkling something had gone wrong. let alone what it was. So far as she could tell, the Dallas police had done such a good job protecting John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald that they had been put in charge of the summer raceriots two years later, and then the war in Vietnam. Other assignments followed: handling the oil embargo ten years after the Kennedy assassination, the negotiations to secure the release of the American hostages at the embassy in Tehran, and, when it became clear that the wogs were not going to listen to the voice of reason and authority, Jimmy Carter had sent the Dallas police in to rescue those pore fellers - after all, authorities who had handled that Kent State business with such cool-headed aplomb could surely be counted upon to perform the sort of job those Mission: Impossible guys did every week.

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